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This is low-level hook returning event handler that will be invoked with native events, which should be used in order to create custom event handler hook like useAnimatedGestureHandler or useAnimatedScrollHandler.


handler [function]#

Handler will receive event object with native payload, that can be passed to custom handler hook's worklets.

  • event [object] - event object. The payload can differ depending on the type of the event.

eventNames [Array]#

Array of event names that will be handled by handler.

rebuilt [boolean]#

Value indicating whether handler shouldbe rebuilt.


The hook returns event handler that will be invoked when native event is dispatched.


function useAnimatedPagerScrollHandler(handlers, dependencies) {  const { context, doDependenciesDiffer } = useHandler(handlers, dependencies);
  return useEvent(    (event) => {      'worklet';      const { onPageScroll } = handlers;
      if (onPageScroll && event.eventName.endsWith('onPageScroll')) {        onPageScroll(event, context);      }    },    ['onPageScroll'],    doDependenciesDiffer,  );