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React Native Gesture Handler

Declarative API exposing platform native touch and gesture system to React Native.

Use platform native gesture recognizers

With Gesture Handler touch stream handling happens on the UI thread and uses APIs native to each platform.

Works with Animated API

Pass and process gesture specific data to React Native's Animated library and build smooth gesture based experiences with useNativeDriver flag.

Use cross platform components built with Gesture Handler

Gesture Handler library ships with a set of components that aims to provide best possible interations such as SwipeableRow or Drawer. More components to come!

Available in

Gesture Handler is available for you to use with Expo and to play with on Snack.

Try it out

Check out the documentation and learn how to quickly get up and running with Gesture Handler. Take a look at our API guides to get familiar with it.

Try our showcase app - check out the learning resources to see how you can run it locally with React Native on both Android and iOS.

Gesture handler screenshot