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Version: 1.x

Getting started

Before you get started you should definitely familiarize yourself with the original Animated API. It will do you well to be comfortable with how animations are generally done in Animated. (Fun Fact: Reanimated is also backwards compatible with the Animated API. 🙌)

Refer to the Motivation section to understand why this library exists

NOTE: Throughout this document when we refer to classes or methods prefixed with Animated we are referring to them being imported from react-native-reanimated package instead of plain react-native, unless otherwise stated.


I. First install the library from npm repository using yarn:

  yarn add react-native-reanimated

II. For iOS, go to ios folder and run pod install:

  cd ios
pod install

III. When you want to use "reanimated" in your project import it from the react-native-reanimated package:

import Animated from 'react-native-reanimated';

Similarly when you need Easing import it from the react-native-reanimated package instead of react-native:

import Animated, { Easing } from 'react-native-reanimated';


In order to use react-native-reanimated with Jest, you need to add the following mock implementation at the top of your test:

jest.mock('react-native-reanimated', () =>