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Version: 3.x

Migrating from Reanimated 1.x to 2.x

We wanted to make it possible to migrate from Reanimated 1 to Reanimated 2 incrementally. When installing Reanimated 2, you will be able to use the old API as well as the new one. We made the latest stable Reanimated 1 available from the same package with a few exceptions, as we needed to address some naming collisions. Whenever there was a naming collision with Reanimated 1, we'd rename the Reanimated 1 version of such method in order to keep the naming in Reanimated 2 cleaner. This strategy made the most sense to us, as we are planning to slowly phase out the old API (we will keep making fixes to Reanimated 1 core but most likely stop new feature development). Unfortunately, it means that Reanimated 2 introduces some breaking changes to the API, where some methods pulled from Reanimated 1 changed their name. Thankfully the list of the renamed methods is relatively short, and the renamed methods weren't too frequently used anyways.

Renamed methods:

1. interpolate renamed to interpolateNode

When using interpolate imported directly from react-native-reanimated v1, in v2 you should use interpolateNode instead. If you were using a class member method AnimatedValue.interpolate, no change is necessary.

2. Easing renamed to EasingNode

When using Easing imported from react-native-reanimated v1, in v2 you should use EasingNode instead.