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Version: 2.x


This hook allows for creating shared value reference that can change in response to updating of one or more other shared values.

The hook returns the same type of a shared value reference instance as useSharedValue hook.


updaterWorklet [worklet]

The first argument is a worklet that gets triggered whenever at least one of the shared values used in that worklet changes. It is expected that the worklet return a new JS value (number, string, bool, Object, Array) that will be assigned to the shared value reference the hook returns. The updaterWorklet will be triggered immediately upon use of this hook in order to calculate the initial payload for the returned shared value.

dependencies [Array]

Optional array of values which changes cause this hook to receive updated values during rerender of the wrapping component. This matters when, for instance, worklet uses values dependent on the component's state.


const App = () => {
const [state, setState] = useState(0);
const sv = useSharedValue(state);

const derived = useDerivedValue(() => {
return sv.value * state;
}, dependencies);
return <></>;

dependencies here may be:

  • undefined(argument skipped) - worklet will be rebuilt if there is any change in it's body or any values from it's closure(variables from outer scope used in worklet),
  • empty array([]) - worklet will be rebuilt only if it's body changes,
  • array of values([val1, val2, ..., valN]) - worklet will be rebuilt if there is any change in it's body or any values from the given array.


The hook returns a reference to a shared value initialized with the provided data. The reference is an object with .value property, that can be accessed and modified from worklets, but also updated directly from the main JS thread.


In the below example we define a shared value named progress that can go from 0 to 1. Then defined a derived shared value width that will respond to progress changes. We calculate width's value in the useDerivedValue worklet as a product of progress's value times 250. As a result width's value will always stay in sync with changes made to progress shared value and will be equal to the progresss value times 250.

import { Button } from 'react-native';
import { useSharedValue, useDerivedValue } from 'react-native-reanimated';

function App() {
const progress = useSharedValue(0);
const width = useDerivedValue(() => {
return progress.value * 250;

return (
<SomeComponent width={width} />
<Button onPress={() => (progress.value = Math.random())} />