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Version: 2.x

Troubleshooting common problems

TypeError: Cannot convert undefined value to object on someVariable._closure

This error frequently happens when metro cache is not updated. Clear it with:

watchman watch-del-all
yarn start --reset-cache

Also, make sure that you installed the babel plugin.

undefined is not an object (evaluating '_toConsumableArray(Array(length)).map')

This error shows when you use spread (...array) inside worklets. See Known problems and limitations section for more information about spread support. Depending on how spread is used you may try one of the following alternatives:

Export namespace should be first transformed by 'babel/plugin-proposal-export-namespace-from'

This error usually happens, when you forget to add the babel plugin in your babel.plugin.js. Please make sure you have added it.

Multiple versions of Reanimated were detected

This error usually happens when in your project there exists more than one instance of Reanimated. It can occur when some of your dependency has installed Reanimated inside their own node_modules instead of using it as a peer dependency. In this case two different versions of Reanimated JS module try to install the same Native Module. You can resolve this problem manually by modifying your package.json file.

You can check which libraries are using Reanimated, for example, with the command:

npm why react-native-reanimated

If you use yarn you should add resolution property.

"resolutions": {
"react-native-reanimated": <Reanimated version>

If you use npm you should add overrides property.

"overrides": {
"react-native-reanimated": <Reanimated version>

After that you need to run you package manager again



npm install