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Global Directories

Scarb uses several directories stored in operating system's conventional locations for different purposes, such as storing global configuration or download and source cache. This page list outlines all global directories, their default paths and information how to override them if possible.

Cache directory

This is a location where Scarb will store a downloads, Git checkouts and package sources.

PlatformDefault Path
Linux$XDG_CACHE_HOME/scarb or $HOME/.cache/scarb

This path can be overridden via SCARB_CACHE environment variable.

Config directory

This is a location where Scarb will look for global configuration in the future.

PlatformDefault Path
Linux$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/scarb or $HOME/.config/scarb
macOS$HOME/Library/Application Support/com.swmansion/scarb

This path can be overridden via SCARB_CONFIG environment variable.

Local data directory

This is a location, where users can put some additional data files for use by Scarb. Scarb will look for subcommands in the bin subdirectory.

PlatformDefault Path
Linux$XDG_DATA_HOME/scarb or $HOME/.local/share/scarb
macOS$HOME/Library/Application Support/com.swmansion.scarb

This path cannot be overridden.